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Art Education in the Face of Adversity

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Education may never look the same. With mixed feelings, school is returning this Fall, in many different forms, and with new hurdles to educating our emerging creatives. The NEW Colorado Scholastic website hopes to alleviate some of the stress for educators, students and families as we navigate this Fall.

Art Education will face lots of challenges this Fall. We hear your concern and want to help support your students entering Scholastics this year.

Here's How:

We are fundraising to support some entry fee costs.

  • Unless a student is eligible and completes a fee waiver form, the first two (2) individual submissions will be paid for by our donors.

  • Students only have to pay the submission fee for their 3rd + submissions and any portfolio submissions.

A Focus on How to Submit

  • The website has been redesigned with students, teachers and parents in mind.

  • An FAQ will provide answers to questions which are commonly asked, and a detailed instructions page on "How to Enter" has been added.

A Way to Connect

  • Blog posts will be added by educators throughout the school year. Comment, share, and connect. Interested in creating a post? Email us to provide your story!

  • We encourage students and educators to also share artwork with the handles and hashtags below.

  • Social media accounts have been established for the Colorado Affiliate of the Scholastic Art Awards. We will be working on building content this Fall.

@coloradoartawards @coartawards #coloradoartawards #Isubmitted2021

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