Students enrolled in grades 7 through 12 and at least 13 years of age by January 7, 2021 can submit artwork into the competition. All submissions are completed online on the national website.

  • Review categories on the National Art & Writing Awards website

  • Artwork completed by 7-12 graders during the Spring & Summer Semesters of 2020 is permitted to be entered if the student is still attending the same school

  • Work previously entered is not eligible unless submitted as part of an art portfolio


STEP 1 Create an account on the National Scholastic Art & Writing website

  • You must create a new account each year

    • Go to artandwriting.org and click on “Register Now”

    • Follow instructions to complete educator/student account registration

STEP 2 Read guidelines and categories on the National Scholastic Art & Writing website

STEP 3 Register all individual submissions and portfolios online by January 7, 2021

  • Make sure the submission form has two signatures: the student and a parent or guardian



STEP 4 Calculate the amount owed for all individual and portfolio submissions.

  • There is a submission fee of $7 per individual submission and $25 per portfolio.

  • The Colorado Sponsors will cover the fee amount of the first two (2) individual submissions per student for this year. However, if a student is eligible for the fee waiver, please include it for ALL individual submissions in order for our sponsorship to assist as many students as possible. 

    • REPEAT: There is NO submission fees for the first two (2) artwork submissions per student

    • Fee Waiver Forms for eligible students are provided during the submission process on the National system. Upload this with the signed digital copy of the submission form.

  • Students who submit more than 2 pieces of artwork are not eligible for the fee waiver form and required to pay the $7 fee for each additional submission.

  • Students who submit both a portfolio and individual works of art from their portfolio will have to pay both the portfolio fee and the fees for any individual submissions (first two [2] individual submissions will have no fee since it is covered by Colorado Sponsors).

STEP 5 Submit individual & portfolio payments

  • Credit cards are accepted online via Square Up

  • Checks by mail to:

Scholastic Art Awards of Colorado

13829 East Saratoga Drive, Aurora, CO, 80015


Make checks payable to: The Scholastic Art Awards Colorado Region

Write the barcode(s) number of all submissions on the memo of the check

Submit payments in mail no later than January 7, 2020

Do not mail cash


  • Art Portfolios (consisting of 6 individual works) may be submitted ONLY by graduating seniors

  • Review the National Guidelines

  • Seniors may submit up to two portfolios

  • Two statements for each portfolio:

    • Artist Statement: About the body of work​ only. Do not use self-identifying information in the statement.

    • Personal Statement: About the artist. You must tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

  • Pieces that have been formerly submitted and now included in a portfolio must include the words “former submission” on the submission form.

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Up to two (2) individual submission fees will be covered per student thanks to generous Colorado sponsors!

No teachers are required to sign submission forms. 

Portfolios: 6 pieces of artwork (instead of 8) due to remote learning, subject to change for 2021-2022.



Work that breaks from convention, blurs the boundaries between genres, and challenges notions of how a particular concept or emotion can be expressed.

Technical Skill

Work that uses technique to advance an original perspective or a personal vision or voice, and shows skills being utilized to create something unique, powerful, and innovative.

Emergence of a Personal Voice or Vision

Work with an authentic and unique point of view and style.


Young artists and writers are free to explore any and all topics. There are no pre-defined prompts and no work is ever disqualified from the Scholastic Awards because of the nature of its content.

COLORADO ART AWARDS © Colorado Art Awards 2021