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- Pam Starck, Director of Colorado Art Awards for the past 20 years.


High School Seniors  in Colorado

Youth grades 7-12


Youth grades 7-12 from all Scholastic art categories


Youth grades 7-12, one piece per grade


In honor +

Youth grades 7-12, scholarships, monetary, and achievement awards

Best in


Best in

Sponsor tomorrow's creativity!

Since 1947, the Scholastics Art Awards Colorado Affiliate program has been an integral part of the art community statewide. This longevity is a testament of the dedication and contribution of patrons and the community that make it a success. Last year, Colorado had over 4,000 pieces of art from approximately 2,200 students grades 7-12 in the program. Previous sponsors included art educators, community members, the Denver Foundation, and the Denver Rotary. Funding supports the awards programming including exhibition, awards, and financial support directly for students to enter the awards. Your annual support continues the dedication of our team for access and inclusion for all students. Additionally, seniors who go on to pave their creative pathways in colleges and universities around the country receive awards and scholarships made possible with our supporters. In order to continue to provide a quality program and our standards for excellence for creative youth in Colorado, we offer sponsorships and scholarships for the Colorado Scholastics Art Awards program as outlined below.

Scholastic Art Awards scholarships change young people’s lives. Colleges, universities, summer programs and art institutions who support the Colorado Affiliate awards with one of the options below will include marketing to over 2,200 students and their families, Colorado Educators, and the general public for all exhibitions. This is a great opportunity to showcase your institution and provide valuable information for Colorado students. We hope you will join us.

Previously Showcased At:

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Previous Mount Elbert Sponsors

Previous Mount Bierstadt Sponsors

Joyce Butler

Victoria Clements

Gayla Solomon

Previous Little Bear Peak Sponsors

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