- Pam Starck

Director of Colorado Art Awards for the past 15 years.

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Jordan Sandt

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Since 1947, the Scholastics Art Awards Colorado Affiliate program has been an integral part of the art community statewide. This longevity is a testament of the dedication and contribution of patrons and the community that make it a success.



Last year, Colorado had over 6,000 pierces of art from approximately 2,200 students grades 7-12 in the program! Additionally, there were over 320 portfolios from seniors who have now gone on to pave their creative pathways in colleges and universities around the country! In order to continue to provide a quality program and maintain our standards for excellence, the Colorado Art Awards is proud to offer sponsorships for the Colorado Scholastics Art Awards program.


Colleges and universities who support the Colorado Art Awards with at least the Little Bear Peak level will include a college table at the spring awards event. On that day, over 800 people will attend. This is a great opportunity to showcase your institution and provide valuable information for Colorado students.


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The sponsorship program is great way to connect with students and teachers from all over the state!

- Miranda Ziegler

Colorado Scholastics Volunteer

Holley Brown, The Golden Ram

Watching my student's hard work and perseverance pay off when they win awards and scholarships at The Colorado Scholastics Art Awards is the best part of my art teaching job.  Their faces and their parent's pride are priceless.  Consider sponsoring a scholarship and changing lives."

- Virginia Schick

Colorado Art Teacher

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