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Colorado Watercolor Society Selects 2021 Watercolor Awards

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The Colorado Watercolor Society support Scholastic Art Awards of Colorado each year by selecting 5 works from and the young up and coming artists in the exhibition.

The 2021 Scholastic Art Awards program continued its support of student artists. Even with all the challenges facing students and teachers, over 2000 works of art were entered and juried with about 400 pieces receiving recognition. A virtual art gallery displaying the winning works will be released April 5, 2021. Certificates and keys will be mailed to the students who have earned these awards and recognition.

The 5 CWS Emerging Artists will receive a packet containing a letter from the Society President, recognition certificate, $100 check, and CWS brochure.

  • "Petra" is by Mabel Starkie, Grade 11, Coronado High School, Colorado Springs. Watercolor, watercolor pencils, gel pens on watercolor paper.

  • "Looking Back" is by Ella Eland, Grade 11, Summit High School, Frisco. Acrylic on canvas.

  • "Chuck Taylors" is by Cameryn Cambell, Grade 12, Fossil Ridge, Fort Collins. Watercolor.

  • "Chores" is by Emma Turner, Grade 11, Palmer Ridge High School, Monument. Gouache on watercolor paper.

  • "Moth to a Flame/Starting Fires to Put Them Out" by Eliza Roberts, Grade 12, Boulder High School, Boulder. Watercolor, India Ink, Prisma Color on Watercolor paper

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