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Adjudication and Awards Summary Blog

By the January 6th National deadline, 1,650 students completed over 3,000 submissions in the Colorado Art Region of the Scholastic Art Awards.

Of the 16 categories, 12th grade students uploaded a whopping 1447 submissions. Photography had the most submissions with 979 individual images of art! This is fantastic data to share as educators and students continue to move forward with the arts during these challenging times.

​National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards sets the adjudication criteria for the awards and all artwork is blindly juried. It is highly competitive. The jurors are all highly accomplished artists and designers from around the state.

Overall, the jurors noted that the artwork this year was well photographed, with personal stories, emotions and connections. There was profound sadness, emotional toil and personal battles elevated in much of the work this year. There was humor and whimsy, but was strikingly outnumbered and overpowered with more serious subject matter. Our volunteer team, and all jurors and moderators, are honored to have seen the artwork, heard their voices, and gained insight into their perspectives.

To all the students, we thank them for participating in the Colorado Art Region and encourage them to continue with their creative endeavors. They can connect with each other on or in the social media channels.

Educators, thank your students for their creative efforts and willingness to share their voices and visions in this highly competitive process. It is a time to honor our Colorado youth.

It’s been a year like no other, with challenges each day, week, and month for a school year already trying to outdo that of the previous school year. The grace and perseverance of our educators is apparent and we appreciate your daily efforts to continue with art education during such adversity.

Selected artwork will be exhibited in Colorado February 14-March 30th. See the Exhibition page for more information.

Students impacted by the Marshall Fire will have an opportunity to participate in a special exhibition. Look for more details in further communication If you have questions about the special exhibition, please contact Pam Starck.

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