Silver Key Portfolio:

Morgan Bidwell, Making Moments Count

Brynne Carleton, Brynne Carleton's Photo Portfolio

Sydney Chinowsky, Magic of the New World

Alyssa Chutka, Self Portraits

Alli Deist, Portals and Shallow Depth of Field

Leslie Duggin, Pantheon Study

Jillian Fulton, The Avery House 

Sierra Furie, Details and Moments

Addie Glass, Portfolio by Addie Glass

Griffin Harrigan, Freak Show

Ethan Herrold, Stars

Andrew Lucas, Negative Images of Fast Food

Rachel Olsen, The Inwards, Outwards

Meredith Pedersen, Sculpture-Meredith P

Erin Riner, Views of the Open Hearted

Avital Rotbart, Avi1

madison Rowe, Objectification 

Isaac Trippet, AP Studio Art Portfolio

Vincent Vest, Vincent Vest

Chaeryeon Yeo, Blooming Colors


Silver Key:

Katie Abdel, Morning Rose

Maia Abeyta, Abeyta_4

Christiana Aggen, Snow Leopard In Me

Hayleigh Alamo, Rose Vase

Sam Alvares, The Old Man and the River

Eryn Anderson, Wings

Kaiya Anderson, River On A Rock

Alexander Angelico, Hopper

Emmalyne Axtell, The Golden Stream

Emmalyne Axtell, The City Of Dreams

Leah Baechle, Guitar 

Alicia Baeza, DYO

Samuel Banas, Light Fight

DeLaney Baumruk, Untitled

Chailyn Berggreen, The Wild Side

Leif Blessing, Beauty

Hannah Booth, Gorgeous Spirit Necklace

Luciana Branda, Paradisum

Matthew Branney, Street Art

Matthew Branney, Mi Profesor Español

Sasha Brunswig, Self Portrait 

Carlos Cabrera, Me Part By Part 

Miles Cannon, Hand Matrix

Jackson Carey, Albino Ball Python

Mireya Carrera, Frozen Chihuly

Hanna Choi, Portfolio (6 of 8)

Hanna Choi, Portfolio (8 of 8)

Lauren Clark, Foglines

Ann Cochran, Worried Thoughts

Ann Cochran, Autumn Snowfall

Christine Cole, Seals

Etti Cooper, Untitled

Julia Cormos, Ambiguity

Emma Creighton, Three Months

Grace Daenen, Chambers Of Refraction

Reine Defranco, Dimensional Muscle

Jana Delp, Candy Man

Sabra Dewey, Plastic Features

Madison DeYoung, Holy Meltdown

Lena Dong, Wavelinks

Naomi Dunn, Pen and Ink

Rebecca Eisele, Fugacious

Maggie Epstein, Horn Sarah

Hallie Farmer, Nighthawk Mascot Costume

Onix Fernandez, Apples In Nude

Anyana Frazier, Cracked Hour

Sallum Frescas, Mustangs

Sierra Furie, Deep Breaths

Alaina Geibig, Laurel Wreath

Yulissa Gil-Galindo, I'm a Nerd

Lev Goldberg, Alone

Kristen Graney, Goldfish

Riley Greer, Wire Garden

Riley Greer, Wheat Talisman 

Riley Greer, Lilac Wedding

Jessica Grewe, San Juan Arch

Emma Griffin-Derr, By Your Side -CocoRosie

Allison Grossberg, Feeling Blue 

Madelyn Guzak, Reggie

John HaleDaniels, Haircut

Nicolas Haughn, The Essential Of Lacrosse

Nicolas Haughn, When Time Froze

Alice Haugland, Silhouette on Brick

Ashley Havenner, Day With The Dead

Kate Hefferan, Mint Breeze

Kate Hefferan, Binded

Etienne Donaavi Herzfeld, Bad Day

Nicholas Hodges, Footsteps

Hailey HughesI, See What I Want To

Sara Hutchinson, Perspective Part 1

Julia Jacobson, Just Dance

Sophie Jalowsky, Four Seasons

Jessica Jankowski, Kinetic

Talbot Jenkins, Catercorner

Caroline Johnson, Size 2 Safety Pin Crop Top

Jack Johnston, Arial-View of S.E. Denver

Tyani Joseph, Spine

David Karisny, Untitled

Erica Katz, Blue Stripe

Jesslyne Kaufling, A Blue Sea Of Imagination 

Alize Kenders Carrasco, Figure In A Box

Martin Kier, Steampunk Skeleton Key Jewelry Pin (Fall Rose)

Sharon Kim, Self Aware

Lana Kinnear, Charcoal Portrait of Dog

Mackenzie Kirschner, Across The Station

Audrey Kokesh, Magic

Ariana Kotsay-Beard, Feeling Blue

Mckenna Kummer, Alone

Kody Kurth, Knock, Knock

Karlton Lauer, Tea Motion

Christine LeZeal, Star

Zoe Lehn, A Woman is Not Written in Braille

Sophia Lewis, Looking Up

Kelsey Leyba, Safari Riveted Necklace

Darby Linn, Passion

Nika Linn, Sliver

Maui Liu, Masked

Peyton Locke, Iceland Travel Posters

Jacob Long, Steps in Water

Andrew Lucas, The Better Half

Faith Lyons, Adèle

Adriana Lysak, Bits And Pieces

Clara MacFarland, Sustenance

Clara MacFarland, Sustenance, Part 4

Ashlyn Maher, Ring of Fire

Hailey Maher, Lily Pad

Jamie Marriott, Drive

Lauren McBeth, Valor

Elle McCombs, Kanga 

Jonathon Mckay, Seascape At Night

Keegan Mcnamara, Acutus Lupus

Marisol Meza, Return To Nature

Honor Miles, Are you a Machine?

Reilly Miller, Cold Scene

Thomas Miller, What Came First?

Alex Mitchell, Magical Tea Snake

Heather Monks, Dislocated 

Arliano Morales, Work In Progress

Maureen Moran, Solitude

Coree Morgan, Giraffe

Jaimi Mueller, Objectify Me!

Katelyn Mulquiny, My Self Reflection

Spencer Narowetz, A Day In The Cafe

Cole Navalta, Nightmare From The Future, 1914

Valerie Nelson, Valencia

Elinor Nethery, A Happy Ending 

Cassidy Nicks, Found

Jordan Norman, Stairway To Heaven

Amanda Norton, Stoney Growth

Madisen Norton, Industry 

Joseph Nunez, Vase

Joseph Nunez, Pot (2 of 8)

Joseph Nunez, Pot (6 of 8)

Joseph Nunez, Pot (7 of 8)

Rachel Nunnelee, Chandelier

Collin Orr, Teal Pitcher

Collin Orr, Sugar Bowl

Timmy Orr, Boys

Christian Padilla, Ultraviolence Series #3

Sean Papile, Long Forgotton

Jiwoo Park, Pouring Orange 

Faith Patterson, Owl

Ben Pharris, B

Rachel Piburn, Maternity

Sylvie Polonsky, Untitled 2

Naomi Quinn, Two Face

Taylor Ramsaur, Zip Tie Chandelier 

Daniela Rascon, Power Over Illusion

Emily Ray, Self Portrait

Sequoia Ray, Division

Grace Regnier, Wild Spirit

Erin Riner, Nicaragua Scar

Gracey Ripa, Static

Gracey Ripa, Whimsy

Nathan Robledo, Splintered Gold

Rachel Rodriquez, The Adventures Of Violet Hood

Abigail Rogers, The View from the Lens 

Alanna Rogers, Stormy Weather

Madeline Rohner, Popsicle Still Life 

Vincent Ross, Twinkle In Her Eyes

Anasofia Ruiz, Horizontal

Hannah Sanders, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Hunter Sanders, Greek Vase

Luis Santacruz, Girl With Headdress

Kate Sawyer, Untitled

Chloe Schellhase, Japanese Garden

Julia Schmidt, Thing 1 and 2

Ava Schuetter, Dessert In A Jar

Lauren Schwanke, Without You

Katelyn Shepard, Dead

Zachary Shereck, 6 Modes

Rebecca Shu, Morning

Rebecca Shu, Dissipate

Daisy Simpson, Confusion

Alaina Smith, Rosie On Stool

Itzel Solis, Ridge

Lazar Stankovic, Final Walk

Lazar Stankovic, Face

Sam Stark, Gargoyle

Shane Stillmunkes, Small Woods Where We Met Again

Jennifer Stoyanov, Predator

Dan Strangfeld, The Change of Seasons

Kelly Strecker, Lily Pad

Alison Su, Between Living and Dreaming

Hailey Sullivan, Dog Daze

Zaria Swanson, Coma White

Sarah Switzer, Market

Carson Tancig, Gizmo

Nikki Taro, Addicted Ever After 

Emma Tocci, Aquaphobia

Caylee Vangeison, Pattern

Madeleine Veneziano, Ostrinus Cavern 

Caroline Verbica, Between Places (2 of 8)

Caroline Verbica, Between Places (3 of 8)

Geraldine Voegele, Abandoned

Margaret Walters, Heaven's Warrior

John Walton, Shattered

Alaina Waterhouse, John Doe

Alahna Waters, Sovereignty

Emily Westbrook, Vanquished

Sydney Wewerka, Elevated

Madison White, Light Bulb

Madison Williams, How To Begin

Zoe Wimberger, Wirt

Natasha Wisniewski, Dichotomy

Alison Wonder, Tea Cup

Kylie Writer, Mechanics Of The Heart

Mingxin Ye, Storyteller

Samantha Ye, Cardboard Cake

Chaeryeon Yeo, Picnic Under Water

Elizabeth Yerkes, Soak

Amy Zhou, Chatterbox

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