Updates from Nationals

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Here are some updates from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Nationals you need to know:

What are the changes to know?

  • No teacher signatures required on submission forms this year. Only student and a parent or guardian.

  • Six (6) pieces of artwork in a senior portfolio and two (2) statements, one about the artwork, and one about the artist. See more on the "How to Enter" page under "Art Portfolios"

  • Submission Fees for the first two individual pieces are waived. If a student is eligible for a fee waiver form, please complete it for all submissions. This will help our limited donations assist more students throughout Colorado!

Visit the FAQ page

  • Questions will be posted here from our Colorado Community this Fall

  • As additional questions are shared with us, we will update the FAQ page.

  • Be sure to visit the National FAQ page as well

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