Calling All Seniors! Let's Hear Your Voice.

Congratulations, you are finally a SENIOR!

As you complete your last year in high school, consider developing, creating, and entering a Scholastics Senior Art Portfolio. SIX pieces that showcase your best work is all it takes.

As a teacher/mentor for 37 years, I suggest my seniors focus the pieces around a passion of theirs. What is your passion? Perhaps communicate your feelings about the Me Too or Black Lives Matter movements? Perhaps you feel strongly about climate crisis or species extinction? Maybe you are passionate about all things purple or fascinated with light?

YOUR visual voice that communicates a cohesive idea or investigation is what counts! Use whatever materials you desire to manifest your ideas and feelings.

Margaux is a senior at Boulder High School. She is preparing a digital art portfolio in preparation for applying to liberal arts colleges.

“Creating art for my college portfolio doesn’t feel like work. Time always seems to pass quickly when I’m drawing or painting, but creating for a college portfolio is particularly captivating because of the sense of purpose that comes with it. Everything that I create in this short window of time has the power to impact my future; the ability to show schools more about who I am as an artist and as a person. Every line I create in a pencil sketch surges with possibility. Every stroke of a paintbrush carries a little bit of myself with it. I believe that creative expression is an important part of higher education, and I’m very thankful that the colleges I’m applying to value the arts so much.”

GREAT LUCK! And of course, if you need assistance, reach out to us.

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