Gold Key Portfolio:

Samuel Banas, World around me

Kailee Bosch, Evolution

Maivy Bui, Maivy Bui

Ann Cochran, Adjusted Color

Benjamin DeYoung, Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Riley Greer, Natural Adornments 

John Hale, Daniel

Megan Hansen, Explorations

Kendal Hanson, Symmetry 

Sara Hutchinson, Expressions 

Hannah Laurie, Portraits Using Dramtic Lighting

Bethany McCabe, Hemophilia

Joseph Nunez, Joseph Nunez Pottery Portfolio

Ryan O'Dowd, Imagining Reality

Nathan Robledo, Jewelry Portfolio

Jacob Schafer, Jacob Schafer Photography Portfolio

Jesse Schlauch, The In-between 

Geraldine Voegele, GV

Mingxin Ye, Emotional


Gold Key:

Katie Abdel, Patience

Maia Abeyta, Abeyta_1

Anise Aiello, Nip and Tuck  

Tyler Allee, Jumbo Store Door

Alex Alvarez, Perfect

Allison Anderson, The Future Is Now

Maxwell Andrus, Civil Rights Captured By Media

Ryan Arb, Coyote Ridge

Samuel Banas, Starry Night

Taylor Barnhardt, Lust

Jacob Behr, Jar with Ridges

Allison Benson, Jelly Fish

Mariah Bettis, Dragon Vessel 

Tristan Blandford, Points Of Life

Madalynn Bogart, The Brightest

Taryn Bond, Mannequin

Kailee Bosch, Discover

Kailee Bosch, Alive

Kailee Bosch, Direction

Ashley Bradley, Suffering

Ashley Bradley, Brianna

Ashley Bradley, Hollywood Blvd

Emery Bradlina, Sun and Storms

Emery Bradlina, Tea Time

Raymond Brett, Tunnel of Light

Melody Brunswig, Divide

Maivy Bui, Infinite Sea

Maivy Bui, Yin Yang

Angel Burciaga, Vuela

Ariane Caldwell, Devin

Dominick Cardile, The Inevitable Cold

Atalisha Carire, Wonderland

Brynne Carleton, Ribs

Brynne Carleton, Dripping Passion

Benjamin Chang, Winter Workshop

Danielle Chavez, Dark Side

Hanna Choi, Portfolio (1 of 8)

Hanna Choi, Portfolio (4 of 8)

In Ji Chung, Self Portrait

Boris Cochajil, Change In Plans

Ann Cochran, Pillar of Autumn 

Julia Cormos, Contamination

Abigail Curran, Into a Sea of Soap

Abigail Curran, Where I Stand

Katie Czarnecki, Hannah

Autumn Davidson, New York Times Editorial

Kera Davis-manchette, Rhythm And Blues 

Andrew Deines, Katie Marie

Jana Delp, Squid

Bailey Douglass, A Beginning and an End

William Drolet, The Giver

Leslie Duggin, Hades

Leslie Duggin, Aphrodite

Thomas Espinosa, What A Mess!

Ty Estler, Sunflower Sunrise

Chelsie Fincher, Artificial Life

Jacqueline Flores, The Wrinkles Of Time 

Hannah Forward, Intermission

Cheney Francis, Birds Of A Feather

Matthew Fritschen, Collection of Modern Rings

Ethan Funk-Breay, The Liar and the Dreamer

Ethan Funk-Breay, False Rainbow

Sierra Furie, After the Game

Sterling Gallion, Self Portrait

Eduardo Galvez, Light Sculpture

Lilith Gamer, Anxiety

Lilith Gamer, Dark In My Imagination

Kara Garrett, Idol

Isaiah Garrod, Storm

Lauren Gates, Erosion

Addie Glass, Dancing in the Moonlight

Brady Gray, Good Vibrations

Josie Gruber, Birth

Rachel Grushan, A Clockwork Orange Bookcover

Lizzeth Gutierrez, Renaissance

John HaleDanie, Coal Walks

Calvin Hall, Long Lost Chains

Kassidy Hastings, In A Fog 

Layla Hawker, The Autistic Snowflake

Margo Hayes, Sweet 16

Ben Heath, Seasons Change

Kate Hefferan, Don't Blink

Delaney Hensley, In The Hood

Cecelia Herff, Fallen Flower

Genevieve Hiller, Wrecked

Jack Hooson, The Fiddler

Jenna Jaeger, Tree of Life

Yifan Jiang, After Dinner

Jessica Johnson, A Small World

Sky Johnson, Natsume's Book of Friends Book Cover

Justine Jones, Lost in Thought 

Laura Kassner, Rachel

Laura Kassner, Mr. Walter

Brooklynn Kelley, Mashed

Mary Kielhack, Fresh and Clean

Camille Kireilis, American Beauty

Tori Knutsen, Long Board Skater

Da Young Ko, Scrumptious

Katie Ko, Platnium

Ariana Kotsay-beard, Fading Away

Michael Kowalsky, Intoxication

Kody Kurth, Anima

Micaela Kurtz, Red Shoes

Desea Lance, Human Nature

Seanna Latiff, Sheltered 

Hannah Laurie, Father

Ivy LeeGlass, Waves

Rachel Leet, Among The Brushes

Zoe Lehn, Mad Tea Party

Lindsey Levine, Colorado State Of Mind

Anna Lien, Watching a Sea Change

Payeton Lind, Birthday Party Gone Wrong

Eric Lipford, Dzinz Logo

Maui Liu, Explicit Expression

Jeffrey Malone, Speckled Trails

Courtney Mangham, Acute Angles

Makenzie Matthews, Through His Eyes

Ryan Mcdonald, On The Road

Natalie Mcelmeel, Tea Cups

Jonathon Mckay, Snowy Chapel 

Marshall Mckinley, Veins

Brandon Meier, Painting with Light

Kellee Meiners, Point

Gabrielle Mendoza, Vision

Jessica Milavitz, Bosque

Heather Monks, Bandit

Aidan Mullaney, Self Portrait

Gelella Nebiyu, Seeing Spots

Mason Noteboom, Untitled

Joseph Nunez, Pitcher (1 of 8)

Joseph Nunez, Pitcher (8 of 8)

Danielle Oksamytnyj, Confidence

Evan Olea, Deception

Evan Olea, Synthesis

Thomas Oliver, The Family Album Of Lucybelle Crater

Javier Padilla, Abuelo ante La Muerte

Javier Padilla, Self Portrait

Javier Padilla, Hidden Strife of Alexander Vertinsky

Jack Paisley, Jeweled Pendant 

Caleb Pan, Homework; Paper Chains No More

Alicia Pankratz, His Nature Is Too Noble For The World

Megan Pannell, Robin's Egg Raku

Madeline Pettine, Above The Clouds

Aidan Piasentin, Untitled

Eric Polhemus, Dust

Dylan Price, Highway From Above

Dylan Price, Drive-In Triptych

Kiersten Price, Claire

Molly Quinn, Cherry Pie

Travonn Redding, Turnip

Erin Riner, The Depth of Life

Gracey Ripa, The Beast

Erika Rivera, Mr. Was

Audrey Roberts, Porcelain Tea Set with Drinking Bottles

Jasper Romero, Pasillos

Emilie Ross, My Mind

Sergio Saenz, Moon Skate

Nick Salter, Morphling

Jordan Sandt, Thirst For Knowledge

Caroline Schmiedeler, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 

Morgan Selby, Targeted

Amanda Selle, 27 Club

Anastasiya Shabunevich, Feet

Rebecca Shu, Bait

Rebecca Shu, Home

Rebecca Shu, Breach

Abby Sparks, 1910

Angela Stanger, You Are The Universe Expressing Itself As Human For A While

Amarie Stocker, Eric

Emily Strabala, Sanctuary

Kelly Strecker, Urban Snowflake

Lois Strope, Small Apartment

Eisen Tamkun, Floating Foot

Kern Tamkun, Summer Sunset Platter

Carson Tancig, Dust Bowl

Anette Tennfjord, Self-Portrait

Claudia Thompson, NYC Skyline

Chandler Toffa, Pétanque

Isaac Trippet, Threshold I

Jennifer Tsogtsaikhan, Outdoors

Solymar Valdez, Shipwreck

Izzy Vierra, The Tree

Arianna Vlcek, Illuminated 

Holly Vuong, Family Teapot

Breanna Wallace, The Number Seven

Alexandra Walter, Komorebi

John Walton, Warrior

Vivian Wang, Lazy Days

Alahna Waters, The Apse of Notre Dame

Bryan Webb, Encroaching Darkness

Macey Weed, Serenity

Chana Weiss, Spilled Milk (With Cereal)

Taylor West, Batman

Emily Westbrook, Chills

Megan White, Dumpster Diva

Andrew Woods, Lion's Heart

Donari Yahzid, The Eye

Mingxin Ye, Broken

Elizabeth Yerkes, Grit

Amy Zhou, One Foot In The Door

Amy Zhou, Walking On Eggshells

Amy Zhou, Breaking The Shell

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